Mission & Scope


International Journal of Microsystems and IoT contributes to the growth and application of research in Microsystems and IoT, by delivering the latest information contained in research papers that enhances understanding, which in turn enables them to advance in research activities.

We aim to play an important role in the global innovation by contributing to the developments in diverse fields of Microsystems and IoT.


The mission of the Journal is to provide the worldwide academicians, resarchers and students a platform to share and collaborate for the innovative research and advancements in the fields of Science, Engineering & Technology. IJMIT focuses on interdisciplinary techniques and state-of-the-art research among various disciplines related to the different fields.


  • 1. Impart quality publications in Science, Engineering & Technology under the scope of Microsystems & Internet of Things.
  • 2. Facilitate and motivate learning and research.
  • 3. Prepare technical expertise along with professional ethics as per societal needs.


The Journal aspires to provide the best global platform to researchers and academicians for the advancement and dissemination of research and innovation that will support high-level teaching, learning and research in all fields of Microsystems and IoT. Original research work, theoretical work, application-based studies, which contribute to a better understanding of the subject.


  • To achieve research excellence in Science, Engineering & Technologies.


The International Journal of Microsystems and IoT (IJMIT) is a journal that publishes articles which contribute new innovative results in all the areas of Microsystems and IoT.

In order to provide a timely and broad coverage of these ever-evolving fields, IJMIT offers a combination of regular and special issues to its readers. The publication of research papers with novel ideas and new domains in Science, Engineering and Technologies are our priority.